Hello & Welcome

Watch the Video to Begin:

Welcome to the client community! We are so excited to get started working with you on your project. Watch the video to get an overview of the project dashboard and the online course.  


Tips for a great experience


  • Keep communications inside the project dashboard
  • Give yourself enough time to complete lesson plans
  • Start gathering images and content early

Common questions & answers

How do I get in contact with my brand specialist?
The best way to get in contact with your band specialist is to use the discussion and commenting feature inside your project dashboard.
How do I access my files from the Google Drive?

We keep all your client files organized in a shared Google Drive folder. We will personally create this shared folder for you and provide you view and download permissions. Inside the shared folder, you will find all project deliverables including logos, fonts, graphics, and templates. 

To access your files from your Client Google Drive account please sign in to your Gmail or Google Account. Google accounts don’t have to use Gmail addresses. A Google account is simply a unified sign-in system that gives you access to Google products, including Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can associate any email address with a Google account. To get started with a Google Account visit: https://accounts.google.com/signupwithoutgmai

How do I submit a bug or issue ticket?

Use the support or maintenance form to submit a new bug or issue. If it is related to your ongoing project, simply use the discussion feature in your project dashboard

How do I request additional design services?

If you have a new design request separate from your current project, use the support and maintenance form to request new design services. We will get a quote to you immediately.

Where do I access tutorials for my website?

Tutorials for your website can be found on the tutorials page. Don't see the tutorial you're looking for? Don't worry we will create a tutorial for you. Please submit your request on the Support & Maintenance Page.

How do I get started on the brand course?

To begin the brand course, log in to your project dashboard and access the "my lesson plan" panel or scroll down to the "my lesson plan" section. Click lesson one to begin the brand course.