Emily Gibby Logo Proof One

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  1. Read design rationale
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  3. Reread design rationale if needed
  4. Fill out the feedback form

Design GOALS:

The overall goal of the logo design and branding is to create two separate identities, seniors and sports, that are strong and professional as stand-alone business operations yet seamlessly complement one another. The two brand identities should look unified in a side-by-side comparison while maintaining their own personality and flare to fit the needs of each operation.

Branding elements for both identities are professional, clean, modern, and traditional. These personality traits were chosen to give the brand the flexibility to work with corporate businesses, news bureaus, pro athletes and collegiate athletes.

Logo Rationale:

The thin lines used in the “KB” initials are authentic, unique, clean, fun and feminine. The main typeface “Montserrat” was selected as a bold, masculine and striking complement to the thin line “KB” design. Together these elements create a professional, powerful, and balanced identity.

The “KB” initial is a custom lettering design, not a font, so it can not be easily replicated. The custom design will make a striking, identifiable watermark on images without being distracting, keeping the center focus on the photography art.

There are multiple logo variations to provide flexibility across social, web, and print platforms. Although each logo variation is different, they are all perfectly unified and pair well as a single, unified identity.


There are six total brand colors. Together, the colors are all complimentary, balanced, and professional. Each brand identity will use all six colors with an emphasis on three primary colors. The sports brand will focus on Varsity, Graphite, and Lockers. These colors are more masculine and complimentary of the target market for sports. The seniors brand will focus on Mascot, Crush, and Notepaper. The senior primary colors are softer, earthy, balanced and bright to compliment a youthful target market. Overall, the colors are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine to work well with female and male clients.



The patterns are custom illustrations that will be used sparingly across brand elements. Pattern use will be limited to marketing templates for print (i.e. business cards, thank you cards, ect.)

A few friendly feedback reminders: 

    • Critique all designs based on your ideal clients perspective. We are rarely our own ideal client, so try stepping into the shoes of the people you want to work with. What would they think and feel?
    • A little tough love…we still love you and think your opinions are important, but your ideal clients’ preferences take precedence over personal preferences.
    • Don’t be shy. Be open and transparent in your feedback. The more feedback you can provide the better we can meet your business needs.
    • Unless they are your ideal client, refrain from showing designs and gathering feedback from friends and family. Trust us, we have seen this time and time again. It is unlikely that your friends and family are critiquing the design with your brand strategy in mind, so you will receive a lot of mixed and unhelpful opinions.
    • Okay, so you just gotta tell someone…we get it, we are excited too. If you must, try reaching out to other business friends in your industry with similar target markets. They are more equipped to provide quality feedback on your project.

Logo Feedback Form

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