Home Page Mockup: Kristy & Vic

Dec 19, 2017 | 1 comment

Feedback Instructions:

The homepage mockup includes 5 key areas to draw a bride in, guide her through the top level information, and provide her easy direction to her next step.

First, the homepage features a full-size edge-to-edge gallery or video placement. This area will be reserved for top-level photography shots and an interactive video that features the photographers “behind the scenes” giving a bride a relateable interaction with her potential photographers.

Second, the three blocks are for easy and quick navigation allowing the user to select the direct information if they are ready to go straight to the information. The blocks are clean, elegant and simple to match to the elegance of the brand. Each block will have a hover effect to indicate they are clickable.

Third, the large quote block is a powerful tool to assure brides their experience will be top-notch. The background image will draw in the users’ eyes to this block and improve readability. A close detail shot is preferred for this block.

Forth, the about block includes an image and short bio of the photographers. For users who want to learn more, they are directed to the about page for a complete experience of the couple.

Lastly, this website design features an Instagram thread and social profile links to build a strong social connection with young brides. Users will be able to click the Instagram posts and be directed to the linked social profile.

Overall, the brand colors will be highlighted naturally with the image selection and small touch points of color to keep the style classic, timeless, and airy. Brand colors that will be introduced in additional areas throughout the site are navy, teal, silver, and light teal.

Please provide your design feedback in the comments below

Step into the shoes of your ideal client and critique these designs based on their wants, needs, and preferences. Don’t shy away from being honest and transparent in your critique. We want to know what you like and dislike. Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • The logo should represent your business values BUT resonate & connect with your ideal client
  • We are rarely our own “ideal client” so put your customers’ preferences first and your preferences second

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  1. Oh my goodness Elise!!! We are absolutely IN LOVE with this!!! This is SO perfect 🙂

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