KB Logo Proof 3

Mar 1, 2018 | 0 comments


  1. Read design rationale
  2. Click design to open proof slideshow
  3. Reread design rationale if needed
  4. Fill out the feedback form

A few friendly feedback reminders: 

    • Critique all designs based on your ideal clients perspective. We are rarely our own ideal client, so try stepping into the shoes of the people you want to work with. What would they think and feel?
    • A little tough love…we still love you and think your opinions are important, but your ideal clients’ preferences take precedence over personal preferences.
    • Don’t be shy. Be open and transparent in your feedback. The more feedback you can provide the better we can meet your business needs.
    • Unless they are your ideal client, refrain from showing designs and gathering feedback from friends and family. Trust us, we have seen this time and time again. It is unlikely that your friends and family are critiquing the design with your brand strategy in mind, so you will receive a lot of mixed and unhelpful opinions.
    • Okay, so you just gotta tell someone…we get it, we are excited too. If you must, try reaching out to other business friends in your industry with similar target markets. They are more equipped to provide quality feedback on your project.

Logo Feedback Form

How would you rate the overall design?

How would you rate the logo designs?

How would you rate the brand colors?

How would you rate the fonts and typography?

How would you rate the brand patterns?

Do you have any additional thoughts, comments, questions or conerns?

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