Web Proof 1: Diana Gordon Photography

Jan 16, 2018 | 4 comments

Design Rationale:

The goal for the website design is to blend clean lines with romantic colors in a method that personifies a elegact, classic, and traditional brand identity.

Keywords that describe the branding concept are bright, clean, feminine, and modern. Tones are set in natural colors that compliment the photographers editing and shooting style.

Please provide your design feedback in the comments below

Step into the shoes of your ideal client and critique these designs based on their wants, needs, and preferences. Don’t shy away from being honest and transparent in your critique. We want to know what you like and dislike. Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • The logo should represent your business values BUT resonate & connect with your ideal client
  • We are rarely our own “ideal client” so put your customers’ preferences first and your preferences second


  1. Okay here are my comments!! :
    -I love the initial design!
    -I am a little iffy about the patterns, I want to see how you are going to use them. Watercolors aren’t quite my thing and the lace pattern isn’t something I would choose, but I want to keep an open mind.
    -I am a little iffy about the social media tab at the top. I don’t like that it’s vertical…my husband likes it and thought it might be the way for moblie design purposes…I’m really not sure how I would design it at the top
    -I would like a picture of me on the home page…maybe a little square on or near the image of the VA (which I love by the way!)
    -Maybe add a Resource tab on the top banner…? It could drop down and have tabs “for brides” and “for photographer”s..?I am just trying to think of a way for brides to find information about wedding day timelines and such
    -instead of a dot on hampton roads on the VA, can we put a heart? I love that you added that! We actually have a wood cut out of the state of VA with a heart over NN in our home!
    -Question… are the images on the top stable or slideshow?
    -I am a little iffy about the blue gray box (though I am not sure what color I would make it)…I’m thinking to make it work I will have to make all the images on the homepage and that box coordinate really well.
    -Question: Where would you put my feature badges on the website?
    -And I am assuming the quotes will also slideshow
    -Where could I feature the most recent blog posts??? I have been thinking about it all day and I dont have a good answer…Not all my blog posts are wedding related or line up with branding colors, so I am hesitate to put it on the home page…but I also think it could be nice to have the most recent blog posts featured.
    -I’m iffy about the social media maker next to the Instagram feed (or what I am assuming is the instagram feed). It’s really because its not symmetrical..though again I have no idea where you would put it…maybe in the contact box?
    -The newsletter box should be labeled some how…I knew it was a newsletter sign-up but my husband thinks potential clients will use it to try to contact me…which I agree. I am not sure if it should be labeled: For photographers or for creatives..or Join the Newsletter…

    Overall I really like it!!!

  2. Hi Diana, sorry it took me so long to return the reply. I have a second draft almost complete for your review. Do you have any time next week to review the proof via video chat? I’d love to discuss the next steps to get your website design up and rolling LIVE!

    To schedule a meeting please visit my appointment page: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/selfsched?sstoken=UUF4Q2ZOUm56bmkzfGRlZmF1bHR8MjVlMTgwNjg0YmY1YmI3ODFmZjZhYWY5MWY4ZDUxZmE

    Simply select an appointment time to reserve your spot 🙂 If you need a different time just let me know and we can get it setup.

    • No worries! I set-up appt. 🙂 My child might be running around while we chat, just a heads up! I really do like the design (I realized I left a lot of comments)!!!! I’m actually super excited to get it up and running!

      • Hi Diana, I didn’t receive an appointment request. Did you save the appointment before leaving the screen?

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